How Lexington Will Get Gigabit Speed for the Internet

I had the opportunity recently to speak with LFUCG  Chief Information Officer Aldona Valicenti about the new LexGig project involving fiber optic provider MetroNet.  Key benefits of the project she pointed out include a new telecommunications infrastructure with significantly greater speed and capacity, and a more competitive environment for Internet, television, and phone service.

She also provided some details about the practical implications of a fiber optic infrastructure buildout.  For example, some fiber optic cable can be installed via micro-trenching and existing above-ground poles, which means MetroNet often will not have to undertake extensive excavation.

MetroNet has established various sectors for implementation. which will come online as they are complete.  You can see an early engineering plan of that sector map at MetroNet’s website by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more, please consider attending an event featuring Chief Information Officer Aldona Valecenti and Chief Innovation Officer Scott Shapiro.  They will be speaking on Monday, February 26th, at 5:30pm in Woodward Hall (B&E 307) of Gatton College of Business and Economics building.  The event is hosted by the  University of Kentucky School of Information Science.

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3 Responses to How Lexington Will Get Gigabit Speed for the Internet

  1. Mark Neville says:

    Are any of these upgrade areas actually in Lexington where they will compete with Spectrum? I don’t see anything inside New Circle and I don’t see anything near Nicholiasville Rd.

    • Steve Kay says:

      Mark: All of Lexington within the Urban Service Boundary will be included, with development to occur in phases over the next three years. The on-line map of the construction area shows only the first phase.

  2. Jonathan D Thompson says:

    Thank you for the info!

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