How Will We Grow?

On Thursday, August 31, at 1:30 pm in Council Chambers the Urban County Government Planning Commission will hold a work session for public input on their recommendations to Council for the Goals and Objectives section of the five-year update of our Comprehensive Plan.  The plan provides a guide to both broad policies and specific planning decisions over the next five years.

To help people understand more about the Comprehensive Plan and the update process, a group of us have developed a short video with a perspective on the challenges we face and an outline of how decisions will be made. You can also learn more about my views from my interview with Tom Martin and my op ed piece, both published earlier this month in the Herald-Leader.

The public will have additional opportunities for input as Council considers the recommendations from the Planning Commission and decides on the final wording of the Goals and Objectives.  I will provide updates about those opportunities. And, as always, you can share your views on these important decisions directly with Council members.

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