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Rural Recreation ZOTA Passes Council

Council has worked for approximately four years to determine appropriate recreational uses for Lexington’s rural area.  The challenge for Council has been balancing the need for action with the need to protect Lexington’s agricultural zones.  I believe we have achieved … Continue reading

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Update on Rural Recreational Zone Text Amendment

Some constituents have inquired about the status of the rural recreational zoning ordinance text amendment (ZOTA), so I am providing a brief update on where the policy issue stands.   For more background on the ZOTA please see my earlier blog … Continue reading

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Recreational Uses in the Rural Area

No Convergence (Yet): How the Policy Question of the Recreational Uses to be Allowed in the Rural Area and the Practical Question of Whether to Allow Boone Creek Outdoors to Operate Do Not Presently Intersect and How They May Possibly … Continue reading

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Boone Creek Outdoors Zone Change Update: A Winding Path

There are times when what looks like a simple action by Council has taken so many twists and turns that it becomes hard to figure out what actually happened and why. Council’s approval of a zone change for Boone Creek … Continue reading

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