Comprehensive Plan Goals & Objectives, Next Steps

Lexington is engaging in the final stages of updating the Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives.  For additional background on the substance and process of the Plan, please see my earlier blog post here and this video.  As the earlier post notes, the Council reviews the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the Plan’s Goals & Objectives.  The public is welcome to provide comment during Council’s public hearing on October 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm,  and to submit written comments at any time during the process. The details of Council’s procedure on the Goals & Objectives are outlined below for transparency and convenient reference.

As Vice Mayor I appointed an ad hoc committee, which includes all Councilmembers, to review the Goals & Objectives.  The Council has 90 days to vote on the Planning Commission’s recommendation after receiving it. If the Council takes no action within the 90 days, then the Planning Commission’s recommendation stands.  To meet this deadline, our ad hoc committee  met on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 @ 11am (video here) and will meet on the following dates and times:

All meetings are in the Council Chambers for the public to view and are broadcast on Lex TV through cable and online.  As noted above, the October 24, 2017 meeting will be a public hearing with opportunity for public comment. The other meetings are devoted to Council discussion.

This ad hoc committee timeline will allow Council to move to place the final Goals & Objectives on the docket no later than the November 7, 2017 Work Session.  The final Goals & Objectives will then receive first reading no later than the November 9, 2017 Council Meeting and second reading no later than the November 16, 2017 Council Meeting.


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