Message of Affirmation for Lexington’s Immigrants

I am the child of a refugee and immigrant. As a child, my father fled with his parents and little sister from oppression and persecution in Russia, arriving at Ellis Island in 1923.  So I have a personal reason to deeply value the openness and inclusion experienced by so many immigrants as they were welcomed to our country.  I have worked in my public life to ensure we continue to be that place of welcome.

In response to community fears, some colleagues and I put together a public service announcement emphasizing how much Lexington values its immigrant community. Please feel free to share this message of affirmation and inclusion.

 To learn more about how GlobalLex is making Lexington more welcoming for all, please see my earlier blog post here.

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  1. Gloria Rue says:

    I too, am the child/grandchild of immigrants. Having been welcomed by This country, they flourished and helped this country flourish as well. I truly believe we are enhanced by immigrants and diminished by those too ignorant to appreciate what immigrants have done for America.

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