Council Meeting on Our Immigrant Community

Committee of the Whole Urban County Council Meeting on the immigrant community was held on March 16, 2017 to provide information to Council and the public on the status of the issue in Lexington.  The meeting specifically covered background information, present policies, and impact.  If you would like to learn about these topics, please view a video the Committee of the Whole meeting below:


I would like to thank all speakers for sharing their expertise and perspectives.  They are as follows: Isabel Taylor, Marilyn Daniels, Darryl Thompson, Elizabeth Leibach, Chief Mark Barnard, Betty Abdmishani, Edith Villalobos, Michelle Estrada, Bishop John Stowe, and Freddy Peralta.  For my views on this issue, please see an earlier blog post here.  For information on Global Lex, an outstanding program to make Lexington more welcoming to immigrants, please read my blog post here.

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