Minimum Wage of $10.10 Advances to the Council Docket


During yesterday’s work session (10/27/15), I voted with the majority to add the to the Council’s docket an ordinance proposing an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over the next three years. Eight Councilmembers supported the motion, six Councilmembers opposed.

I am hopeful that the ordinance, which you can view here, will soon become law.  The ordinance represents a compromise between an earlier ordinance proposed by Councilmember Mossotti (available here) and an earlier ordinance proposed by Councilmember Lamb (available here).  These motions were discussed at a September 10, 2015 special Committee of the Whole Meeting devoted to minimum wage.  The ordinance passed at work session will, if enacted, benefit over 20,000 Lexingtonians who need relief in the absence of federal or state action on this issue.

The work session is often the forum in which issues are vetted before the full Council, so the show of support is an encouraging sign for the ordinance’s final approval.  Before, becoming law, the ordinance will next need to receive a majority of Council’s support for a first and second reading at upcoming Council Meetings.

Thanks to everyone who contacted Councilmembers through phone call, emails, and speaking at the work session.  I value and welcome your participation.

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